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   Welcome to the second oldest community, in what is known as the San Jacinto Valley. First settlers arrived to what they would call Pleasant Valley in 1879. As far as the eye could see was an area of sage brushed land. But these farmers saw the potential for the area. Steadily they came here with many arriving in 1882.
    Soon a small commercial section formed at Simpson Road and Winchester Road. In 1887
the town site was plotted and space was provided for a Methodist Church which was built in 1886 The church is still used today and is located on Taylor Street just east of
Winchester Road. 
    Water to the first settlers to arrive was not an issue since wells could be dug to supply their meager needs. Soon, with more people arriving and farms being developed it was realized that a more adequate and reliable source of water was required. An Irrigation district was formed and canals built to bring water from the San Jacinto River. Alas the dream soon faded as a dam was built that took much of the water away, contributing to the demise of the irrigation district.  By 1900 only the hardiest of people stayed and held on as the houses were moved and the hotel was cut in half and moved to a ranch in the Domenigoni Valley. Water finally arrived in the 1960's and today water once again shapes the community with the completion of the Diamond Valley Lake in the Domenigoni Valley .
    Today many fine business establishments are located in the downtown area near the
intersection of Winchester Road and Simpson Road for your pleasure. You may get a bite to
eat, a tire repaired, convenience store items, gas. For your pets and animals a fine feed store is located here also. 
    The community also has a fine elementary school that has been located at the same site
since 1890. A new expanded park is located behind the school. The Frances Domenigoni Community Center opened in 2002. Station 34 of Riverside County is open in the park also.
    If your interest in our community is enough that you wish to buy some property we also
have reality offices to help you find exactly what you need. 
    Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to go look at other items we have here or some of our favorite links to other sites
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This page was last updated on: February 9, 2020
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