The Spirit of the Lake
Lori Van Arsdale - Mayor of Hemet

At the end of a day in the year 2021
As someone on the lakeshore is watching the setting sun
Will the Spirit of this Lake rise up to tell the tale
Of the history of this valley that we all love so well

Will it whisper of the families that were early pioneers
Or reflect upon the water that past many thousand years
Filled with mastodons and mammoths, camels and even sloths
And Native American Indians with battles won and lost

How will it express the feelings of that farmer in his field
Taking in all the beauty that nature has to yield
Yet knowing that he'll be moving soon and no longer will be there
This land that for generations has been a part of his family

Or will the Spirit of the Lake in an early morning fog
Conjure up for a lonely fisherman that lively dialogue
Between the team of Paleontologists that were digging in the ground
When they first discovered a mammoth's tusk just seventeen feet down

Beneath these waters lie the hopes and dreams of so many gone before
Whose lives have truly been enriched having touched this valley floor
These stories of old must not be lost, as we know our lesson well
For its up to US and the Spirit ... of the Lake to tell the tales.

Delivered on March 18, 2000 at the dedication of the Diamond Valley Lake by Metropolitan Water District in the Domenigoni Valley.
Huell Howser of the television show  "California Gold" was Master of Ceremonies for the dedication.