Patterson Family Mementos Come Home
On the 8th of April we were honored to have Anita Southwick visit us at the Patterson House Museum. Anita had provided us valuable photos in the past. We gave her a tour of the place and she mentioned she had brought a box of stuff for the museum. Much to our surprise and glee the items were of great significance to our history. Listed below are the items that have been added to our collection.
  Tilla Patterson Hudson's telegraph key used when she was a Western Union telegrapher.
  A pair of Tilla's leather gloves.
  A pair of wrist guards to keep the sleeves of long dresses from becoming soiled while working.
  A picture postcard in with a bluetone of Winchester School kids taken about 1908.
  An old stereoscope made of wood with 120 color slides from the early 1900's.
  An autograph book that belonged to Jessie Patterson, Tilla's younger sister. It contains many names from the late 1800's of people from the Winchester and Diamond Valley area.
  An autograph book that belonged to Isla Patterson from the early 1900's again containing names of Winchester residents.
  An ornate calendar from 1899.
  Our thanks go out to Anita for adding to our collection. A display case for these items should be in place sometime in June as one has been donated by Ed Kinney.

Restoration Update
Our quest to finish the securing of the museum took a very positive upturn this last month. Chris Forcier became available again to work on the windows and other projects. As of this date the following has been accomplished. All the windows downstairs are finished. The window at the stair landing is in place. Windows for the upstairs are in process and should be in place soon. Shutters are being finished up and put over the windows that are facing the roads. This should prevent any further broken windows from vandals. Also a screen door has been built for the front door to protect it. An alarm is in place to warn of any intruders and neighbors are watching the house. Also Chris is building a monument out front using bricks from the Patterson House chimney's that have fallen from the roof and bricks donated by Alice Brown from the old two story brick business building that once sat at Winchester Road and Simpson. A plaque will be placed on it soon by the Native Daughters of the Golden West. A couple of other plaques are also in the works so look for future news about them.

May, A very Historical Month
The month of May is going to be very significant historically for the community. On May 6th at 11:00 AM the new fire station behind the Winchester School will be dedicated. After many years of planning we will finally have improved fire protection. Also planned is a community BBQ to welcome our new firefighters on the 20th from 11:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. This FREE event will be open to all of our community.
  On May 13th and 14th at March Air Force Base there will be an Air Fest 2000. This should be a great air show for you flying enthusiast. Also on the 14th is Mothers Day.
  Lake Skinner will once again host the Alamos/Hyatt Schools Reunion on the 20th of May. Former students of these two schools have gathered at the restored and refurbished Alamos School for the past two years. The historical society plans to set up a display for the reunion. Also the good people at the Estudillo Mansion are having a special affair the same day celebrating the completion of their retrofitting against earthquakes of the old mansion.
  May 28th at the Hemet Museum located in the old Santa Fe Depot in downtown Hemet a special display  and day honoring the National Guard will be held. The Guard for many years had an armory in Hemet located at what used to be the old Farmers Fairgrounds.
The last event for the month is the Pioneer Picnicheld this year on the 29th of May at Valley-Wide Parks and Recreations main park in San Jacinto. Old timers  and new residents come from all over the country to visit old friends. Local historical groups also have tables set up showing the history of the area. Once again this year we will bring part of Winchester's history to the event.
  Speaking of reunions, has anyone thought it might be a good idea to have a Winchester School reunion. We know one person has mentioned it to the society. We also know a group of ladies who once went to the school, circa 1930's gather together. How about a full blown reunion for say all students who attended there  prior to 1981. We could probably use the school and park facilities. Anyone interested in putting an event like this together contact the society.

Bill Jennings Recovering at Home
We are happy to announce that Bill Jennings is recovering nicely from his recent operations at Kaiser Hospital. Seems Bill went out to the desert for his annual Peg Leg Liars event and got an overdose of them lies. When he got home he developed a rather nasty hernia and had to be hospitalized and go under those dreadful knives. But we also hear from reliable sources that he has been seen at some local eateries telling his tale to his buddies. Glad to see you up and around Bill.

Spring Thing Rummage Sale
O.K. folks it is time to clean out that closet and garage and donate that stuff you no longer need to the Patterson House Museum for our June rummage sale. We will be having our Spring Thing Rummage, Arts & Crafts, Bake Sale  on June 3rd and 4th at the museum. Hours of the sale are from 9 AM to 2 PM each day. We have items left from the last sale and already are adding additional items. We will need some help moving the rummage from the upstairs to the staging area downstairs the week before the event. Anyone wanting to volunteer please contact the society. Our last sale was a great success and this one should be also. Again the Winchester Woman's Club will join us in this event.

Lawnmower Donated
Thanks to the generosity of Ed and Mary Kinney the Patterson House will soon have a riding lawnmower. We have already volunteered someone to maintain it for us and we are looking for volunteers to take a lawnmower joy ride around the grounds.
  Speaking of the grounds we arrived at the museum on the 16th at our usual time of just before 11 AM and found Mr. Bob Domenigoni there with his Super-Size weed whacker knocking down the weeds around the house. Thanks Bob.

Society Gets Membership Gift
Thanks to Mr. Bill Strobridge the society has a 1 year free subscription to the Historical Society of Southern California. Mr Strobridge is a historian for Wells Fargo Bank and recently had an article published in the Southern California Quarterly about Tilla Patterson Hudson. Mr Strobridge has also contributed much valuable information about Tilla's experience with Wells Fargo. Our thanks goes out to Mr. Strobridge.

Old Postcards Found
Thanks to Diane Southworth an old postcard from probably the mid 1900's has been located and donated to the society. It has a cartoon on the front of an old car that says the Roads around Winchester are fine. It was written by Lizzie Garbani to Tressie Domenigoni in San Bernardino. What is rather unusual about this find is that Diane is related to Lizzie. Diane also lives in Hemet but works part time in an antique store in Yucaipa where she found the card. She has informed us that there are other cards there. She is working on getting some of the if not all the cards. We love to see our history returning to the area. Thanks Diane.

Magic Mountain Discount Coupons Available
The society has a limited number of discount tickets to anyone who would like them for Magic Mountain. If your interested please stop by the museum any weekend we are open.

Tidbits From Our History
  School district tax for the Winchester School in 1893 was $350.00.
  School District trustees for the year 1893 were as follows: J. C. Nutting, J. M. Case, W. J. McEuen.
  !893 saw Winchester with a Town Improvement Society with the hope to plant trees along the towns boulevards.
From the Hemet News:
04/15/1910 "The crew of Japs that has been working at the magnesite mine left Saturday. Mr Adams, manager, has replaced them with white men."  Reference customer Takita.
04/15/1910 Mrs Charles Blackmore visiting relatives in Los Angeles and "buying new goods for their store here."
05/13/1910 Lord & Lord sold their stock of groceries and will move to Oceanside.
09/16/1910 Tilla Patterson and uncle left Saturday for an extended visit with relatives in Spokane, Washington.
10/21/1910 Miss Tilla Patterson and Mr. J. P. Bechdolt returned from Spokane.
11/04/1910 Miss Patterson announces "a new library" has arrived at the depot from Sacramento.

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