T  The Angelo Domenigoni Family who arrived  in what is now the Domenigoni Valley in 1879. Descendants of this family still live in the area.ext
  The Gardenzio Garbani Family which settled in the Domenigoni Valley in 1880. Descendants of this family also live in the area today also.
Pictured at left is the May 2, 1897 wedding day picture of Clarence and Angie Remsburg Patterson. Members of this family are located throughout the country.
  At right are John and Maria Bechdolt Patterson. They arrived in what is now Winchester in 1883.
The shadow of Tilla Patterson Hudson is seen in this picture of her nephew Willard Patterson, son of Clarence and Angie as he sits in her wagon. The picture was taken in 1908. In all Clarence and Angie will have eight children who will spend many hours with Aunt Tilla at both her home and the railroad station