Volume 2 Number 6                                             September 1997

Alamos School and Other One Roomers
   Recently a packet of information was sent to the Winchester Historical Society about a reunion planned next year for students who attended Alamos School.  The school was located in the area south of' Winchester near Lake Skinner.  We were asked by the organizers if we had any information in regards to this one room school.  Sadly we had to answer no for the location of the school and the people it served did not make for much news in local newspapers.  In February the school made news when the old bell was put back in place on the schools present resting place, Lake Skinner.  With this gathering came the idea of a reunion.  If you need more information about this event please contact Mary Rice Milholland at P.O. Box 477, Winchester, Calif. 92596 or you may call her at (909) 926-5080.
   The one room school house has played a significant role in educating, many in the area.  Some of these schools are still standing today in the area.  Coming to mind are the schools Cottonwood, Alamos, and the school in Anza.  We also know that the Harmony and Diamond Valley one roomers still stand but are on private property.  Alas this editor remembers his early one roomer called Cajon School in Devore, California.  It to is still standing as a private home.  The historical society has a picture of Winchesters first one roomer also.  This almost shack like structure was located on the north end of Washington Street and served as one of the earliest schools in the area.  The Pleasant Valley School District was formed in 1887 and served the area until it was joined with the Hernet Unified School District in the 1950's.

Roofing Fund Hits $ 1 000
   The special fund for roofing the Patterson House has reached the $1,000 mark.  The bid we have received is $2850 so we have a ways to go yet.  Many people with knowledge in the area of' weather say we are to have a very wet winter.  If this be the case then it is important we roof the old house quickly.  If any organization or person would like to help us feel free to call us at (909)926-4039. This valuable treasure that is listed on the Riverside County list of' significant historical places may very well not he able to tolerate another harsh winter.

Historical Tidbits From Our Past
04/13/1893 F. T. Lindenherger and daughter Agnes, bade good-bye to their many friends Tuesday and boarded the train for Detroit, Mich., and other Eastern points where they will visit friends and relatives.  They will return in six or seven months.
Alamos School