Volume 2 Number11February 1998

Area Pioneer Lloyd McCall Remembered
   This last month saw the passing of another member of the McCall family. Lloyd McCall. Mr. McCall moved to Riverside County in 1925 and attended school at the Winchester Elementary School. He would later become a trustee of the one school Winchester District and also serve as a trustee for the Hemet and Perris District. Mr. McCall was a member of the Winchester Methodist Church and served that body well for over 18 years.
   Another person well known to the community also passed away this past month. Julian Perez, who most all knew simply as "Spider" of the band known as "Spider and the Mustangs", died at his home in Hemet. Spider played music for years in the area. His music was a combination of mainly old rock and roll and country. He played in
Winchester at the old Winchester Inn and at Winchester Days. Not only will this mans music be missed but also his almost always smiling face. We send our condolences to both the families of these two fine gentlemen.

"Pray not for things, but for wisdom and courage".

Patterson House Update       
   Well the roof is complete and the wind damage has been cleaned up for the most part on the house. We are now taking bids to start the restoration of the house. The first project is to repair all the windows and doors so that the house is secure. We have had a
preliminary bid for this work from one contractor. His rough estimate was that it would cost about $800.00 per window to restore them to "historically correct" status. I was reminded early in the bid that the wood dimensions of those days was not what they are today. Back in 1891 an inch of wood was an inch not a fraction thereof. The plans as of this date are to get additional bids and then
try to raise the money to do the work.
   We are planning a new fund raising program for this part of the project. The idea is a family, business, or organization can buy a window. We will put an appropriate plaque on the window to show who made the donation.
   To give you an idea what we mean let us say the Wells Fargo Bank, who Tilla Patterson worked for many years, donated enough to fix a window. We would then place a plaque on that window and call it the "Wells Fargo Bank Window". We should be able to kick this campaign off in the next month.            

"Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you".

"Don't waste time learning the "tricks of the trade." Instead, learn the trade".