generously donated lots 1 and 2, block 17. More generally speaking, these lots are in the West part of town, opposite R. S. Thomas' place. The building will be a substantial  structure, 40x40 feet, with a 10x14 foot addition.  The machinery is of the latest  improved pattern, and the plant has a separating capacity of 1500 to 2000 pounds of milk per hour.                      ---Winchester Recorder

Who We Are
   The Ploughshare & Pruning Hook is published each month by the Winchester Historical Society of Pleasant Valley. The sole purpose is the let the community and others interested in preserving our history a glimpse into our past, present, and future history. We can be reached by mail at P.O. Box 69, Winchester, California 92596-0069 or by phone at (909) 926-4039. Donations to help support this newsletter and other activities are tax deductible as a gift to charity. We also accept gift writings about our local history and will publish them as space permits. Guest speakers and displays are available upon request. E-mail
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Historical Tidbits From Our Past
From Diamond Valley
09/24/1894 Our school opened Monday Sept.17th. under the able management of Miss. Fichia Foote, with an enrollment fifteen scholars, and is doing nicely.
09/24/1894 Mr Prather and family of San Diego moved into the Reeves cottage on Knobb Hill. It is hoped they will make a permanent home here.
09/24/1894 Miss Jennie Goodhart, teacher at Florida school, visited her parents over Sunday.
09/24/1894 Diamente is represented in the Hemet Union High School by the Misses Cora Morgan, Marion Kimmell, Alda and Bessie Whitlock. Miss Kimmell stays in Hemet while Miss Morgan and Misses Whitlock drive to and from school every day, a distance of seven miles.
09/24/1894 Mr Reeves and D. M. Browning have been busy the past week pruning the latter's fine orchard. The orchard seems to stand the dry weather as well as places that have more water.
09/24/1894 Mr. E. E. Spencer started Friday with a party enroute for the coast. It was evident, by the chickens and turkeys that went along, that the party didn't intend to go hungry.
09/24/1894 A number of young men from the valley attended the fiesta at Soboba.
09/24/1894 Mr. Tattersall is kept very busy these days cutting and drying Kelsey plums. The Kelseys seem to be larger and nicer then ever before.

Meeting Date & Time
March 15, 1999
7:00 P. M.
Winchester Church Annex
33005 Taylor Street
Winchester, California