Volume 6 Number 2

       May/June 2001

Contract Awarded for Further Restoration and Special Displays
We are pleased to announce a contract has been given to Forcier Construction for the completion of the last three windows from scratch and sash work on six windows, installation of the stairway bannister and three special display cases. The display cases are to house Volume 1 Number 14 of the original Ploughshare & Pruning Hook. The other two display cases are for some giant relief maps of California. More information on those in another story later in this issue. By the time you receive this newsletter all windows should be in place. With this contract however we have reached the end of funds available for restoration. Our next project is to restore the walls to what were the sewing room and office, sand and refinish the downstair floors, and build a set of false doors to resemble the pass through cabinet that was once in the dining room. We are open to suggestions how we might raise funds for these projects and of course open to donations. Remember all donations are tax deductible.

It Was A Trashy Week
  A whole bunch of thank you's and congratulations need to go out to the residents and others who made our week of trash removal in Winchester a huge success. With the co-operation of the Winchester Homeowners Association and the Patterson House Museum and the support of Waste Management and Supervisor Jim Venable's office the good citizens of Winchester hauled to the dump about 34 tons of trash. The Patterson House Museum hosted two roll-off bins on two weekends. Both were full by Saturday but thanks to Bill Bowman of Precision Backhoe who brought his tractor over to compact the loads we were able to double the amount we could handle. We also understand that at least three other bins in the community were filled, some almost daily. The homeowners association is continuing in its effort to contact the people who own the property were illegal dumping has taken place to see if we can clean that area.

Winchester History Comes Home
  Along with some monetary donations this past two months came some artifacts as well. Foremost in regards to our history was a donation by Beverly Blackmore Blodgett of a picture that was painted by Tilla Patterson Hudson when she was younger. Also the banner for the Owen Graham Post 9488 Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, instituted July 20, 1947 was given to us by the Hemet Area Museum Association. Evelyn Domenigoni passed onto us a copy of the November 1955 California Water & Telephone Company phone book. This phone book contains all the phone numbers of southwest Riverside County. Chris Forcier donated some books to us also one of which is a 1940 California Brand Book showing all the cattlemen's brands and ear markings for their herds. Margaret Bagby, who taught school at Winchester School for many years sent along a letter from Grace Sutherland to her mother dated June 23, 1960 in which she mentions that Winchester is finally going to get piped in water and other news of the day.
  Ron and Karen Caudle have donated two very large relief maps to the museum. One has no date while the other is dated 1914. One of the maps shows Winchester on it as it seems to show the rail lines of the day. These will soon be housed in special cases as was mentioned earlier.
  Another donation we would like to mention is that of Bill Bowman of Precision Backhoe. While he was doing the crushing he took time to remove some debris from the grounds and to also fix the driveway going into the museum. He and his wife also gave us an old Singer oil can to put in the sewing room. So folks later in this issue you will see his business card displayed. Thanks Bill

Rummage Time Again
  Time once again folks for our semi-annual rummage sale. As in the past the Winchester Women's Club will be joining us with there crafts and delicious baked goods. So folks this is a good way to clean out that good usable but not being used stuff and donate it to the museum. Our sale date will be June 2nd from 8 AM to 3 PM at the museum. Like our last one we plan to sell almost everything at whatever one feels like donating to out cause. Now this pricing only is for the rummage, not the fine products the Women's Club offers. So mark the date and save that coin for the best bargains in Winchester.

Special Thanks
   A special thanks goes out to Chuck & Bobbie Weitlauf for their efforts on behalf of the museum. They have put countless hours at the museum cleaning the grounds of dead limbs, pruning trees and cactus, and mowing the grounds. Chuck has worked on both of our mowers and Bobbie has helped get this newsletter into your hands. Thanks!!!!!
  We also would like to thank Julia Young for her hours of work pulling the weeds surrounding the old reservoir.

Winchester History On The Road
  We are once again taking Winchester history on the road. First stop will be on May 14th at the monthly Hemet Area Museum Association meeting. Working in conjunction with Mr Martin, principal of Winchester School, we are taking our Power Point program to there meeting. They meet at Provident Savings in Hemet at 7:30. Hope to see you there.
  Next stop is on May 22nd at 4 PM at the Estudillo Mansion located in San Jacinto. The occasion is the meeting of the new Historical Tourism Group for Riverside County.
  Memorial Day, May 28th, about 9 AM or so will find us at the annual San Jacinto Valley Pioneer Picnic. This event is for all who wish to gather and remember  the good old days in the valley even if they were just yesterday. So make up that picnic basket and join us at Valley-Wide Parks and Recreation Park located on Esplanade in San Jacinto for a good time and some history.
  In June, the 7th of June to be exact, we will be at the Temecula Museum with our Power Point program again. The meeting starts at 6 PM and lasts about 45 minutes. The museum is located in Sam Hicks Park in Temecula.
  If you need further information on any of these events feel free to call the historical society at (909)926-4039.

  Our condolences go out to a couple of families this month on the passing of family members.
  Alice Brown passed away March 29, 2001. Alice Roberts Brown was born south of Winchester on the Emmalita Ranch on Feb. 25, 1917. She attended Alamos School and graduated from Perris Union High School in 1935. Upon graduation she married Louie E Brown and for many years they ran Brown Bothers Garage in Winchester. The garage was located at the site of the old two story brick building at Simpson and Winchester Road. Alice was a member of the Winchester Women's Club, Winchester Methodist Church, and the Winchester Historical Society. Her memory will live on at the museum through the pedestal that the plaque the Daughters of the Golden West presented marking the Patterson House. Alice donated some of the bricks that they found at the garage site.
  We also send out our deepest sympathy to Cindy Domenigoni on the passing of her father, Roy Phares Jr. who passed away recently. He had been a resident of the area for many years and active in many activities.

"Station 34 Pump Panel"
(This area will be reserved for news from "your" local fire station.)   
        182 calls this year, 35 this month alone. That about says it all. The firefighters at Station 34 are a busy crew. On top of that they will be out checking for proper weed abatement this month. With the opening of fire season tentatively set for May 15th and the opening May 7th of Ryan Field Air Attack there season will be very full. Station 34 is responsible for coverage at the airport for the fire bombers. In order to properly do this another engine will arrive in the next couple of weeks making our station have three engines plus the rescue squad. The squad and both backup engines are usually manned by volunteers.
  Speaking of volunteers, we note that the volunteer company now numbers nineteen with five of them being hired by different fire agencies for the fire season. If your interested in becoming a firefighter or just want to give something back to your community this is a great way to do that, join the volunteers at 34.
  It was noted while we gathered this news from Smokey Williamson that the stations landscaping is being put in place. Among the things that will be there are fruit trees, a area of junipers and some pine trees. One of the pines was a Christmas tree from Station 27 at Ryan Field from two years ago. Also the Santa Rosa Plateau has planted some native plants at the site. It was suggested that maybe we can find out some more information about these plants and their uses by the Native Americans and put signs on them so people will be able to learn more of the areas history. There is also a rose garden in front of the station. The sprinkler system is also nearly completed
  Smokey has recently completed some Arson Investigation classes and is on his way for state certification. Eighty hours of class, 100 pages of reading a night, and a five inch binder full of material sums up his endeavor. We also learned that on the 21st  of April Smokey clocked in another year with a birthday. The crew at 34 loaded a cake with candles, a burn permit was issued by Captain Ken, fire extinguishers in hand they lit the candles. Fortunately the only thing that happened was the triggering of the smoke alarm. Happy birthday Smokey. Smokey also has recently donated the railings we need for the Patterson House staircase. Thanks Smokey
  We would like to welcome back firefighter I Travis Ames for the fire season. He is a valued addition to the station.
  A friendly reminder folks. If you plan a pit BBQ or to burn off some tumbleweeds, GET A PERMIT. Failure to do so can result in fines from the local jurisdiction and AQMD. Also if your fire gets out of control you can be liable for suppression costs. So far this year Station 34 have issued 91 permits but have also gone out on some illegal burns. Citations have been issued to those burning illegally.
   April was Earthquake Preparedness Month, so designated by Governor Davis, and pamphlets are available at the station if you would like one. Also if you need any fire safety information it is available there also. You may call them at 926-6430.
Community Center Update
   The contract has been given for the electrical work and they are at work putting it in place. We noted that they were there on a Saturday doing the work.
   Also at our last WHOA meeting it was noted that a donation of $100 worth of drywall has been donated by both the Temecula and Hemet Home Depot. Thanks to them for their aid in completing our community center. Also thanks to Grady for arranging this donation.
   Word has it that as we go to press with this edition that the contract is about to be let for installation of the sheet rock. This will cost about $30,000. Soon the community will have a first class gathering and recreation building to be very proud of

Tidbits From Our Past
  (EDITORS NOTE: The following article appeared in the April 20, 1893 Winchester Recorder recently discovered at the San Jacinto Museum by Phil Brigandi. We feel this may shed some light on the towns founding. We believe the author may very well be a member of the Remsburg Family.)
Winchester's History
TO THE EDITOR:-- Late write ups relating to Winchester have been poorly admired by quite a few persons here who think that if the same space were occupied by condensed and accurate information relating to our present and past, the effect would be much more favorable for our town, and our new county. Considering these write ups were proportioned for reading matter I will say, my decision being based on impartial information, that the mention in said write up relating to the founder of this town is a stereotyped inaccuracy, and will state a few facts herewith.
  This town was founded by women, and named after a woman on the suggestion of women.
  Dr. Miller came to the embryo Winchester for the first time with the intention of viewing what was represented to him to be a good financial investment. Considering that he became principal owner later of the stock held by others, and of the adjoining ranch, and that he laid out the town east he was appointed to plat the town. After some change of the plat it was endorsed and filed.
  Credit should be given to those active women and others for founding the town, which it may I be given to another for being an able financier and for shrewdly seeing a favorable future. REM


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