This school was located at the north end of Washington
Street until about 1890 when the new school at the right
was built at the present location.
   Formed in 1887 as part of the San Diego
County school system, this was Winchester's first
school, named for its location in Pleasant Valley.
On June 8, 1887, when Daniel Griswold, original
holder of the land patent on half of the land on
which part of Winchester was platted, sold a half
section to J. G..  Miller, Dennis O'Leary, and
Elizabeth 1. Rice, he reserved "one acre at the
extreme North East corner of said Land which is
to be held by Pleasant Valley School District as
long as the school house as such shall be situated
thereon" (SD( Deeds Bk.  BS p . 250).  On
April 5, 1890, Miller, O'Leary, and Rice sold for
$100 to the Pleasant Valley School District
4 acres off the East end of Villa Lot number
Seventeen as designated on the Town plat of
Winchester (SDC Deeds Bk. 165 P. 141). At
the April 4, 1893, meeting of the Board
Commissioners of the newly form Riverside
County, Pleasant Valley School District was
confirmed as one of the 52 school districts accepted.
(Minutes); ].M. Case was appointed clerk of
the school board (Bynon 1893 I. p. 142).

Another picture of the first Winchester (Pleasant Valley) School. Note that many of the children do
not have shoes on.
qualified electors of the Pleasant Valley School District, San Diego County, California, that in accordance with the provisions of Sections 1880 to 1883,
Political Code, an election will be held on the 19th day of October. A. D. 1889 at which will be submitted to the qualified electors of said District the question of issuing and selling BONDS of the said District for the purpose of raising money for purchasing school lots, and building or purchasing one or more school houses in which District, and furnishing the same. The polls will be open at the public school house from 9 o'clock a. m. until 3 o'clock p. m.. C. C. Thomas, D. A. Haslam and J. S. Stillman will serve as Judges of election.
  The amount of the bonds to be issued is Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollars [$3500], of the denomination of $700 each, and to bear interest at the rate of 8 per cent per annum. The number of years which said Bonds are to run is as follows:  No. 1 to run six years, No. 2 to run
seven years, No. 3 to run eight years, No. 4 to run nine years, and No. 5 to run ten years.
Wm. Haslam,
J. A. Campbell,
Wm. J. McEuen
District School Trustees
This is the notice of the bond issue which was used to build the school at left. This school served Winchester and the surrounding areas until about 1915.
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Winchester School circa 1890