The Patterson House was built in 1891 to
replace a former adobe structure. The house
measures 30 feet by 30 feet and is constructed
of brick. The house is presently owned by The WINCHESTER HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF PLEASANT VALLEY. The house is the oldest private residence still standing it what is now known as the community of Winchester.  The Patterson family, John, wife Maria, daughters Tilla, Ida, and Jessie, and son Clarence arrived in what was known as Rockhouse in 1883. They had traveled from Yountville through Los Angeles to come to their new home. The area they settled in was soon to become known as Pleasant Valley and later in 1887 as Winchester. As they passed through Los Angeles Maria gathered pepper tree seeds which she planted at their new home. Some of these trees are still standing today. The family would soon become very influential in many aspects of the communities growth and prosperity. Listed below are some of the families accomplishments.
     * Major land owner
     * General store owner
     * Blacksmith
     * Tinsmith
     * Board member of the first creamery in
        the area
     * Part owner of the local brick works.  Bricks            from this operation were used to build a two          story brick business block, the foundation              for the Winchester Community United                   Methodist Church built in 1887 and still in             use today, the two story Winchester School            and homes in the area.
     * Farmer
     * Board member of the San Jacinto and
        Pleasant Valley Irrigation District.
   * Railroad station agent for
      Santa Fe Railroad at
      Winchester from the day it
      opened in 1890 until the
      day it closed in 1930. This
      39 years of service was the
      longest of any agent on the San Jacinto branch line.
   * Wells Fargo agent for the Winchester area from 1890 to        1918. The 28 years of service made her the longest                serving female agent in the state of California.
   * Riverside County Librarian when the county library             sent books by train to local communities.
   * Winchester Woman's Club member and officer.

     School teacher for the Riverside School District in                Riverside California.

   * Blacksmith
   * Grain miller
   * Justice of the Peace for the Diamond Distract
   * Married to Angie Remsburg whose family started many        newspapers in Southern California.

      Wrote a prize winning essay about women's suffrage             while in school in Winchester.
      Died at age 21 from a ruptured appendix while
      attending Normal School in Los Angeles.

      Born in 1891 in Winchester. While working for the               Santa Fe Railroad in San Juan Capistrano Lloyd met           and married the daughter of the Forrester family. Lloyd       died of consumption (TB) in 1915.
The Patterson House 1998 shortly
after a new roof was installed.
Grandchildren of Clarence Patterson
feeding Tilla Patterson Hudson's
Chickens in 1926 or 27.
Recent photo showing some of the first windows and doors in place. Scroll down to see new photos
Click on the kid to see photos of our dedication as a historical site by the Native Daughters of the Golden West.
The last of the windows are now in place as shown above and at right. The new stair banister should be in place soon so that the upstairs is available for tours.
To the best information known, the Patterson House is the only house still standing in the state of California that was once own by a Wells Fargo agent.